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Cowboys: A Documentary Portrait

  • January 18, 2020 from 3pm - 5pm
“In a time when it seems few people truly understand real cowboys, this documentary allows viewers access to experience the world of authentic cowboys and ranch life. The pioneering family ranches of this area helped birth Frontier Days and grow it from infancy to adulthood. Wagons, carriages, artifacts, and memorabilia from these families our housed in the CFD Old West Museum. My passion is to honor these legendary ranching families in a worthy way in the museum. Expansion and renovation is necessary to do due diligence. It is my hope the average person will walk away from the movie with a respect for ranching, its people, values, and traditions as beef producers and stewards of the land and animals. People say there aren’t any cowboys anymore. I say they aren’t looking in the right places. Western heritage matters.” - Shirley Churchill

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