Tickets Chairman

Linda Bostron

As a third year chairman to the Tickets committee, Linda Bostron, and her group of 350 volunteers are responsible for several aspects of our guest’s experience at Cheyenne Frontier Days™ (CFD). The Ticket Committee handles all CFD ticket sales, including rodeo, night show, and gate admission to Frontier Park. They provide assistance to patrons with disabilities; handle all issues that arise with tickets and provide ground transportation for patrons on the park. The Ticket Committee has volunteers on the park from the beginning of slack early in the morning until all patrons are safely out of the stands at the conclusion of our night shows. We are very proud of the hard work, dedication, and energy given by the Ticket Committee family of volunteers.

Family: Husband, Tad; sons: Chance and Cole

Employment: Department of Health

Years of CFD Service: 34 years

Hobbies & Interests: Hunting, Camping, and 4–wheeling with friends and family

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