General Committee

The General Committee is comprised of a General Chairman and 10 committee chairmen who oversee the operation of the individual committees. The chairmen are selected from the volunteer force based on their merit and dedication to their particular committee, and in most cases, serve a three-year term. The General Chairman is chosen from a pool of past committee chairmen. Each committee is responsible for carrying out specific functions of Cheyenne Frontier Days™ and incorporates the motivation and talents of willing volunteers proportionate in number to the tasks of the committee.

General Chairman Bill Berg
Concessions Chairman Alan Stoinski
Contract Acts Chairman Scott Fleming
Grounds Chairman Bill McInerney
Indians Chairman Bob Mathews
Military Chairman Col. Matt Dillow
Parades Chairman Terry Ruiz
Public Relations Chairman Mike Martin
Rodeo Chairman Mitch Carter
Security Chairman William “Buck” Reisner
Tickets Chairman John Svoboda