Fort D.A. Russell Days

Cheyenne and F. E. Warren Air Force Base have literally grown up together. In 1862, President Lincoln approved plans for a military installation in the Wyoming Territory to protect the nation’s first transcontinental railroad. In 1867, the U.S. Cavalry established Fort D. A. Russell at a military post the same year Cheyenne was founded.

When Cheyenne Frontier Days was born in September 1897, it was Battery A of the 76th Field Artillery who fired the cannon announcing the beginning of this would–be historic western celebration.

From the first days of Army cavalry, through several transitions to modern–day Air Force Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, the military has played an important role in every CFD celebration. That tradition carries on with the F. E. Warren Air Force Base open house called Fort D.A. Russell Days. Historic home tours, military reenactments and tours of Minuteman III and Peacekeeper missile systems are on tap for those who dare to look back in history or forward to the future.

F.E. Warren Air Force Base is located at exit 11 on I-25 in Cheyenne.